I think you all know how I feel about prank channels, but if not, here’s the lowdown:

  • I think most of them are garbage. I don’t think people deserve to be harassed for your entertainment.
  • I think the only ones that are worth watching are the ones that are family’s/lovers playing tricks on one another.
  • Sam Pepper is trash.

I made this video with the lovely schmoyoho a few months back about a prank that basically ruins a girl’s life. It is much more lighthearted than the most recent allegations, but I think it proves the point, and thus: I re-released it. Feel free to reblog if you enjoyed it.

"in the beginning man & woman were unashamed and had engineered reasonable stall doors with no cracks-

"but they ate the apple from the lunch cafeteria of good & evil and were punished and made ashamed by inferior stall doors with large cracks through which strangers would accidentally see them with their pants down forever and ever."

yo, i think that’s how the creation story in the torah goes (or at least something close to that)